International Congress of Conscientiology

1st International Congress of Conscientiology

IAC - International Academy of Consciousness

Submitting Papers

Researchers are invited to submit their papers via e-mail directly to the Congress Committee at

The deadline for submitting a work to be presented during the congress is 30th of August, 2014.

Abstracts are also acceptable (between 1 to 2-page summary of paper in font Arial 11). If selected, author will have to provide final, complete paper up to October 30th, 2014.

Selected papers: Authors of selected papers will be invited to present their work at the congress as speakers or exhibitors.

Publication of non-selected papers: papers within the scope of the congress that are not selected for this event will be considered for publication in the Journal of Conscientiology (, if the author accepts so.

Evaluation process: Attributes evaluated on papers are:

  • Applicability / Usefulness (weight 3)
  • Audience’s interest on the theme (weight 3)
  • Balance of time vs content (weight 3)
  • Depth (weight 5)
  • Interdisciplinarity (weight 3)
  • Language – orthography and grammar (weight 2)
  • Logical organization of ideas (weight 4)
  • Multidimensionality (weight 3)
  • Neutrality / Unbias (weight 4)
  • Originality (weight 5)
  • Scientificity (weight 5)
  • Speaker’s communicability / flow (when known/applicable – weight 3)