International Congress of Conscientiology

1st International Congress of Conscientiology

IAC - International Academy of Consciousness

Wagner Alegretti

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Wagner Alegretti is an electrical engineer, having worked in power generation, medical equipment and software development. Motivated by his own out-of-body experiences, which started during his childhood, he began dedicating to consciousness research and education in 1980, specializing in subtle energy and psi phenomena. In the area of philosophy, Alegretti has become a reference in cosmoethics and its implications. He has been instrumental in bringing conscientiology (multidimensional consciousness science) into the international arena, since he left Brazil and moved to the USA in 1994, and also in the establishment of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) and its research campus. He served as president of IAC from 2001 to 2014 and is currently one of its most senior researchers and faculty. In 1984, Alegretti started working on the development of bioenergy (chi, subtle or vital energy) transducers.  His pursuit for a reliable means of biofield detection led to his ongoing research program employing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

Preliminary Results of Bioenergy and Vibrational State Detection via fMRI

05/24/2015 | 02:30-03:30



Bioenergy or chi has been known for millennia but its detection, measurement and theoretical understanding has eluded science. To help cover this serious gap in the comprehension of reality and consciousness manifestation, Alegretti designed and conducted three series of experiments using fMRI, aiming to shed light on: 1. neurological effects of the execution of bioenergy techniques and the vibrational state; and 2. Physical effects of bioenergy and the mechanism of consciousness-physics interaction via bioenergy. Alegretti intends to present thought-provoking findings from experiments like bioenergy transmission to different types of substances like “fMRI phantom” liquid. Alegretti will discuss potential ramifications and applications of these breakthroughs, including the development of related “bioenergy technology.” His primary aim is to propose further experimental approaches and to motivate open-minded researchers to debate these preliminary findings and replicate the pilot experiments.


La bioenergía o, chi, se conoce desde hace miles de años, pero su detección, medición y comprensión teórica ha eludido a la ciencia. Para ayudar a resolver esta importante laguna en la comprensión de la realidad y la manifestación de la conciencia, Alegretti diseñó y llevó a cabo tres series de experimentos utilizando la fMRI, con el objetivo de arrojar algo de luz sobre: 1. Los efectos neurológicos que resultan cuando se realizan técnicas bioenergéticas y el estado vibracional; y 2. Los efectos físicos de la bioenergía y el mecanismo de interacción, (conciencia- materia) a través de la bioenergía. Alegretti, presentará los resultados con la intención de invitar a la reflexión y traer nuevas ideas a partir de los experimentos sobre la transmisión de la bioenergía a diferentes tipos de sustancias, como por ejemplo, el líquido utilizado (“fMRI phantom”) en la Resonancia Magnética Funcional. Alegretti analizará las potenciales ramificaciones y aplicaciones de estos avances relacionados con la “tecnología de la bioenergía”. Su objetivo principal es impulsar nuevos enfoques experimentales y motivar a los investigadores de mente abierta a debatir estos hallazgos preliminares y replicar los experimentos piloto.


A bioenergia conhecida há milênios, mas a sua detecção, medição e compreensão teórica iludiu ciência. Para ajudar a resolver esta grave lacuna na compreensão da realidade e da manifestação da consciência, Alegretti concebeu e realizou três séries de experimentos usando fMRI, com o objetivo de lançar luz sobre: ​​1. Os efeitos neurológicos da execução de técnicas bioenergéticas e do estado vibracional; e 2. Os efeitos físicos da bioenergia e do mecanismo de interação consciência-materia, via bioenergia. Alegretti apresentará resultados instigantes a partir de experiências como a transmissão de bioenergias a diferentes tipos de substâncias, como o líquido usado na calibração da maquina (fMRI fantasma). Irá tambem analisar potenciais ramificações e aplicações desses avanços, incluindo o desenvolvimento relacionado a “tecnologia da bioenergia.” Seu principal objetivo é propor novas abordagens experimentais e motivar pesquisadores de mente aberta para debater estes resultados preliminares e replicar este estudo piloto.