International Congress of Conscientiology

1st International Congress of Conscientiology

IAC - International Academy of Consciousness

Olav Drageset


Olav Drageset earned a master’s degree in theoretical electronics in 1970, and held during his career the position as a concept engineer, designing military field communication equipment, including substantial international cooperation. In 1971, he joined Acem – International School of Meditation and has since been practicing and teaching the technique on a voluntary basis. He was aware of two internal aspects, or modes of operations, which were distinctively different from the normal rational thought. In 2004, he got information about the String Theory as a potential Theory Of Everything, and saw that it could describe the two inner worlds, as well as the outer world. The initial understanding has matured through ten years of reading and writing on the subject, and a model including consciousness, the mind, and the cosmos is now firmly established in published scientific peer-reviewed articles and a book.

Consciousness and Cosmos:  Proposal for a New Paradigm based on Physics and Introspection

05/24/2015 | 09:30-10:10



Nonphysical and nonlocal are the main observed phenomena that cannot be explained by contemporary science. This presentation will explore how consciousness and mind can be described from introspection and how string theory is able to model both the physical universe and the inner worlds with their nonphysical and nonlocal properties. Furthermore, it will explain how the negative solution of the energy equation supports the proposed model of the consciousness.


Los fenómenos que no son ni físicos ni locales, son los principales eventos observables que la ciencia contemporánea no puede explicar. La conferencia explora cómo la conciencia e la mente pueden ser descritas a través de la introspección y como la teoría de cuerdas puede modelar el universo físico y el mundo interno, como sus propiedades que no son ni físicas ni locales. Se explicara cómo la solución negativa de la ecuación de la energía es compatible con el propuesto modelo de la conciencia.


Os fenômenos não-físicos e não-locais são os principais fenômenos observados que não podem ser explicados pela ciência contemporânea. Esta apresentação irá explorar como a consciência e a mente podem ser descritas a partir da introspecção e como a teoria das cordas é capaz de modelar tanto o universo físico e os mundos internos, quanto as suas propriedades não-físicas e não-locais. Além disso, vai explicar como a solução negative da equação da energia suporta o modelo da consciência proposto.