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The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is pleased to announce the first International Congress of Conscientiology (ICC), to be held at the IAC Research Campus in the beautiful country area of Alentejo, Portugal, from 22nd to 24th of May 2015. This congress shall serve as a global forum for an open exchange and debate on study and research centered upon the consciousness.

Deadline to submit a paper is August 30, 2014.

We thank you in advance for contributing to the development of consciousness science through your participation in the ICC and we look forward to welcoming you.

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About the IAC
About the IAC


Submitting Papers
Submitting Papers
Submitting Papers
Benefits of Attendance
Scope of the Congress
Scope of the Congress


Program Details
Translation / Interpretation
Translation / Interpretation
Venue / IAC Campus
Venue / IAC Campus
Region and Attractions
Region & Attractions


Organizing Body
Organizing Body
IAC Scientific Award
IAC Scientific Award


Book Launch
Book Launch

The ICC is dedicated to addressing those research fields that, directly or indirectly, enlighten the different aspects of the nature of the consciousness, free from the many reductionist biases that are still present in the predominant scientific view. Speakers, researchers, and participants with a multidisciplinary background will attend from numerous countries, each enriching the proceedings and debates during the event.

The Congress will bring together both scholars and lay people with a shared interest in the continuous refining of a more advanced scientific approach that acknowledges the existence of non-physical realities and is appropriate for the exploration – in subjective, inter-subjective and objective modalities – of the multidimensional aspects of the consciousness and related phenomena. 

The IAC looks forward to welcoming you to its Research Campus, nestled among 250,000 m2(approximately 62 acres) of cork and oak tree groves, near the historic town of Évora, in the picturesque Alentejo region of Portugal. The campus is a hub, not only for those conducting consciousness research and psychic experiments using both traditional and cutting-edge approaches, but also for people with an interest in personal development.

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About the IAC

The International Academy of Consciousness is a non-profit organization dedicated to consciousness studies.

The IAC is committed to the investigation of the consciousness, its capacity to manifest outside of the physical body and a comprehensive associated range of parapsychic phenomena. Special emphasis is placed on the out-of-body experience and bioenergy, as these are considered key research tools to explore and examine the non-physical aspects of reality.

Demystifying these phenomena and clarifying the misconceptions often related to them empower individuals to understand and develop their own parapsychic abilities, allowing them to exercise greater control over their lives.

The courses delivered by the IAC's offices around the world offer participants a combination of information and practical training that allows them to understand and experience life beyond the physical body. First-hand experience of the non-physical reality brings about a paradigm shift and a greater understanding of one's purpose in this life.

The IAC employs a cosmoethical and universalistic approach in the dissemination of its studies. Participants are given the tools with which they can increase their awareness of their multidimensional nature. Central to the work is the principle embodied in the phrase: 

Don't believe in anything.
Not even in what you hear or read at the IAC.
Have your own experiences.

The underlying intention behind all IAC research and educational activities is to provide assistance to those interested in deepening their knowledge of these subjects.

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Submitting Papers

Researchers are invited to submit their papers via e-mail directly to the Congress Committee at

The deadline for submitting a work to be presented during the congress is 30th of August, 2014.

Selected papers: Authors of selected papers will be invited to present their work at the congress as speakers or exhibitors.

Publication of non-selected papers: papers within the scope of the congress that are not selected for this event will be considered for publication in the Journal of Conscientiology (, if the author accepts so.

Evaluation process: Attributes evaluated on papers are:

  • Applicability / Usefulness (weight 3)
  • Audience's interest on the theme (weight 3)
  • Balance of time vs content (weight 3)
  • Depth (weight 5)
  • Interdisciplinarity (weight 3)
  • Language – orthography and grammar (weight 2)
  • Logical organization of ideas (weight 4)
  • Multidimensionality (weight 3)
  • Neutrality / Unbias (weight 4)
  • Originality (weight 5)
  • Scientificity (weight 5)
  • Speaker's communicability / flow (when known/applicable – weight 3)
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To register, please follow the steps below:

1. Fill out the Registration Form, which can be downloaded here. You can also request a copy from your nearest IAC office. Payment instructions can be found on the registration form.

2. Send your registration form filled out and signed to the IAC Campus, together with information attesting your payment. Please note we will always confirm receipt of your registration.

3. Registrations can be sent by fax to +351 268 950 053, or in a scanned form to

4. Should you require further details, please contact or

Registration Fee in Euro

For the first edition of this series of events, IAC is offering a promotional fee to encourage advance registration. This promotion is valid until May 21, 2014. The objective is to reward those who manifest their appreciation to the ICC through early booking. Additional discounts or cumulative discounts do not apply for this category of registration.

"In advance" promotional fee (up until May 21, 2014) Early fee
(between May 22, and November 21, 2014)
Regular fee (between November 22, and March 21, 2015) Late fee
(from March 22, 2015)

IAC long-term Members (*)

120 €

150 €

200 €

230 €

IAC new Members (*)

140 €

180 €

230 €

260 €

Non-IAC Members

160 €

200 €

250 €

280 €

(*) IAC Members:

  • Member will have to present membership confirmation from the IAC office to which he/she is an affiliated member at the time of registration.
  • Long-term members are current members who have been members for more than one consecutive term. Therefore, to be eligible to this category, the participant must have been a member uninterruptedly for at least the last 13 months (to be counted backwards from the day of the registration).
  • The discounted membership fees listed above apply to Basic, Major and Sponsorship categories only.

Payment options

Bank transfer
Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)

Please see Registration Form for details.

Registration Confirmation

Enrollment is effective only after receipt of both payment and signed registration form.

Upon receipt of both, IAC will send an e-mail confirming enrollment.

Registration Cancellation & Refund Policy

Notification of cancellation must be made in writing to

A processing fee will be charged according to the date the cancellation is received:
On or before November 21, 2014 – 30 € fee
Between November 22, 2014 and March 21, 2015 – 60 € fee
On or after March 22, 2015 – No refunds should be expected

A handling fee of 10 € per registration will be charged for every registration modification.

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Benefits of Attendance

Among other features, participants will benefit from:

  • Networking with fellow researchers from different organizations, countries, approaches, and specialties
  • IAC's long-term experience in organizing international academic and training events
  • A multifaceted view on paranormal phenomena and consciousness studies
  • Experience the remarkably calm and revitalizing atmosphere of the IAC Campus, built in the middle of an ecological protected area, in a touristic and historical region
  • The opportunity to visit IAC's specialty laboratories for self-experimentation, like the Phytolab, the Cosmoconscientiarium, and the Projectarium: the world's first structure optimized for induction of out-of-body experiences
  • A brand-new purpose-built conference center with professional features for events, including simultaneous translation facilities
  • Participation in the ceremony of the 3rd IAC Scientific Award
  • Visit regional gastronomical, ecological, and historical tourist attractions
  • For those wishing to stay longer, pre-Congress and post-Congress workshops and educational activities will also take place as part of IAC's annual Convergence on Consciousness event.
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Being a broad field of investigation, conscientiology is dedicated to the advancement of our knowledge on the consciousness (to be understood, in this context, as the individual principle, the intelligent principle that makes us conscious, or the essence of our beings, popularly referred to as "soul").

Any work or research report that can enlighten our understanding of the nature, manifestation, and attributes of the consciousness is welcome. These include articles on phenomena that can potentially reveal aspects or characteristics of the consciousness, such as parapsychic phenomena, or those considered of a non-material or non-ordinary character.

In addition, studies that address, examine, test, or corroborate the multidimensional nature of the world fall within the scope of the ICC.

Examples of appropriate themes for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Consciousness manifestation and nature:
    • Consciential evolutionary process
    • Conscientiometry
    • Cosmoethics
    • Interface consciousness-vehicles of manifestation (bodies)
    • Multidimensional self-awareness
    • Physical death and survival of the consciousness
    • Recuperation of knowledge and memories from prior to the existing body (recuperation of cons)
    • Restriction of awareness of the consciousness in the physical dimension
    • Synchronicities, karmality, and the regulatory mechanism of "action and reaction" or "attraction and repulsion", taken from a multidimensional and pluriexistential perspective
  • Consciential/psychic phenomena:
    • Consciousness-related physical effects
    • Detection of bioenergy (biofield, subtle energy)
    • Mentalsoma experiences, such as cosmoconsciousness
    • Occurrences that reveal the influence of energy on individuals or on matter
    • Out-of-body experiences and other psi abilities
    • Psychic awareness
    • Self-investigative experiences, such as retrocognitions and recall of intermissive periods (periods between lives)
  • Applications of, or relationship between, conscientiology and other fields of science:
    • Animal psi
    • Anthropological approaches to psi phenomena
    • Application of energy in curative processes
    • Effects and applications of conscientiological knowledge or techniques in counseling, psychology, medicine, psychiatry
    • Identification of immanent energies and natural phenomena that may be triggered by non-material causes or be of a non-physical nature
    • Psychosomatic or bioenergetic generated diseases
  • Non-physical reality and interactions
    • Consciential assistance in the extraphysical dimension
    • Existential program – planning and execution of one's plan for the current life, and holobiographical studies
    • Extraphysical reurbanization
    • Nature of extraphysical environments (paraecology, paratechnology, parageography, paraconstruction)
    • Preparation of the next life
    • Techniques for accelerating evolution in the extraphysical (during intermission) and intraphysical dimensions

The program committee also welcomes articles that address philosophical, theoretical, and methodological aspects of consciousness research; analyze experiments and case studies from a first, second, or third-person perspectives; and discuss measures for fostering the overall development and refinement of the scientific approach to the study of the consciousness.

Articles based on experiential research can take any of the following standpoints:

  • First-person perspective: self-research methodology; analysis of personal experiences; theories developed from direct experiences; self-development methodology; self-experimentation of, or development of, techniques for enhancement of psi abilities.
  • Second-person perspective: inter-subjective experiences; auric coupling or sympathetic assimilation methodology; knowledge derived from the facilitation, training, or coaching for consciousness development; case studies.
  • Third-person perspective: cross examination of previous studies on psychic phenomena; experimental studies involving physical or physiological measurements; studies based on survey methods; anthropological observation related to multidimensional experience; other non-participative scientific methodology directed to understand human non-ordinary abilities.
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Program Details

The event will start in the afternoon of May 22, 2015.

The ceremony of the prize award of the 3rd IAC Global Award for Scientific Contribution to Conscientiology will take place on the evening of the 23rd.

Roundtable conference and discussion will be concentrated on the afternoon of the 24th, followed by the closing of the event.

Note: The complete program will be published after the selection process of submitted papers is concluded.

Submissions of papers are accepted until August 30, 2014.

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Benefits of Attendance

Live translation into English, Spanish, and Portuguese via individual headsets will be available.

The working language will be Portuguese, English, or Spanish, depending on the lecturer's language or the language of the majority of the audience (in the case of bilingual speakers).

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Benefits of Attendance

The 1st ICC will be held at the main Auditorium of the IAC Research Campus, located in Evoramonte area, in Portugal.

The IAC Campus spans an area of 250.000 m² (approximately 62 acres) in the Alentejo region in southern Portugal. It is a highly protected and ecologically valuable rural zone and on its entire terrain there are dozens upon dozens of oak and cork trees. IAC runs an Environmental Oasis Project and hunting-free zone in order to sustain the integrity of this privileged natural landscape.

IAC recently built a conference center seating capacity to over 200 seats in an area of 300 m2. The space includes professional audio-visual equipment, booths for simultaneous translation in order to improve and facilitate the services offered, and a number of features to make a congress experience as much comfortable as enlightening.

Other campus resources include spaces designed to facilitate consciousness self-exploration, the consciential laboratories, and a lodge for visitors – the Hospedarium – that offers rooms equipped with mini-kitchen.

In addition, the IAC Campus has a significant specialized collection of more than 30,000 reference books, besides other items such as journal collections, dictionaries, etc, to be housed in a public library in the coming years.

For more information about IAC Campus please visit

Important: visiting the campus at non-event hours

If you wish to visit the IAC Campus on days or hours when activities are not running, please be sure to inform in advance and schedule your visit as we have to allocate a member of IAC staff to receive and accompany you.

Physical address:

Herdade da Marmeleira
Estrada N. 18, km 236
7100-500 Estremoz
Latitude: N 38º 47’ 775"
Longitude: W 07º 41’ 181"

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Benefits of Attendance

The IAC Campus region is a popular tourist destination for its countryside white-washed homes, vineyards, gastronomy, castles, Celtic dolmens, and Moorish and Roman architecture.

Nearly popular areas in Portugal and Spain include Estremoz, Evora, Badajoz and Mérida. Mérida was the capital of the Spanish district of Lusitania in the Roman era.

Guide group tours held by IAC will take place after the Congress. Visitors will enjoy regional gastronomical, ecological and historical tourist attractions.

Nearby places of interest

Elvas:  walled town, home to an extraordinary Roman-Arabic castle and the Amoreiras Aqueduct (XV-XVII Century).

Estremoz: town crowned by a castle from the XII Century, with a citadel (presently an inn) and Saint Isabel's Chapel (XVII Century). Town closest to the IAC Campus.

Évora: city-museum of Roman origin. Its historic downtown, considered as an International Patrimony by UNESCO, has the Roman temple as a reference. Next to the Cathedral you find the outstanding Museum of Sacral Art (Gothic-Roman). The University, the old Jewish quarter and Evora's Museum are also well known.

Evoramonte: Stands out because of its castle built at an elevated point of the Ossa mountain range. This is where the peace treaty between the liberals and the "miguelistas' was signed on May 26, 1834.

Mérida: Capital of the "Lusitania" in the Roman era, founded in 25 BC. Many of the Roman ruins are in good condition, including a theatre, one of the largest Roman circuses ("coliseum") outside of Rome, and Roman temples. A museum crowns the experience, preserving many large and small pieces from the Roman period.

Monsaraz:  is a beautiful medieval villa, with a castle, and fort like walls. In the nearby town of Reguengos you can find megalithic remains with close to one hundred dolmens and cromlechs.

Vila Viçosa: its Ducal Palace, which belonged to the House of Braganza, the last Portuguese dynasty, is an impressive building with a renaissance façade and a library-museum.

Health tip

Spring in this area is very beautiful and full of natural flowers, which blossom from trees, bushes and weeds. If you are allergic to pollen, you may want to bring your allergy medicine.

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Benefits of Attendance

How to arrive

Transportation to and from international airports is highly facilitated by excellent highways, comfortable coach buses, and rail.

Distance from the Lisbon airport to the IAC Campus is 158 km (98 miles), and from the Madrid airport 491 km (305 miles).

If you are staying at the city of Estremoz, we recommend you catch a bus that brings you directly to this city. Arriving at Evora and getting other transportation to Estremoz is also an option. You can see a bus schedule for Portugal at:

Transportation during the events

You can hire a taxi to pick you up at the Campus or bring you to the Campus. A ride between the Campus and Estremoz, for example, normally costs between € 15 – 20 (as of July 2013). Please bear in mind that taxis generally stops running after 9PM. If you wish to use a cab after this hour you must agree with a driver to meet you. IAC can provide you with a taxi station number.

During the ICC, IAC will provide transportation to and from the Campus and Estremoz both in the morning and in the evening, upon conclusion of the day's activities. In specific days, transportation is also provided to go to downtown Estremoz for lunch and return to the Campus. A week prior to the events, registered participants will receive an e-mail informing of the schedule of bus pick-up.

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Benefits of Attendance

For large events, IAC augments on-site and neighboring accommodation options with special rates and transportation to and from nearby hotels that reflect the high quality of the Portuguese hospitality industry, as its economy relies heavily on tourism. As can be seen below, accommodation costs in the area are quite affordable.

We highly recommend staying in the city of Estremoz (only 15 minutes from the IAC Campus), as transportation is much easier and IAC will provide transportation in many occasions. The hotels suggested in the city of Evora are a little more comfortable, however, not as convenient in terms of transportation availability.

Participants should make their hotel bookings directly. A list of options is offered below, with the objective of supporting participants. However, other options can be found via the Internet or with your travel agent.

OPTION 1: Hospedarium

Conveniently located at IAC Campus!



While staying at the Hospedarium you will enjoy the favorable atmosphere of the Campus.

The Hospedarium has four double rooms fully furnished and pleasantly decorated rooms to provide comfort and functionality.  All rooms are designed to accommodate two people; however there is an option to reserve for single or triple occupancy (Option is subject to availability - please contact the IAC Campus). In front of the Hospedarium all guests will enjoy a charming garden, a magnificent place to relax, work with energies, read, chat, or even have a picnic with friends.  Parking is available at the IAC Campus.

Distance from Campus

Conveniently located at IAC Campus
Herdade da Marmeleira EN 18, km. 236 – Cx. 06
7100-500 Evoramonte, Estremoz Portugal  
GPS Coordinates: 38°47'46"N, 7°41'10"W

Rate (as of Nov. 2013)

For 1 or 2 persons: €47, For 3 persons: €62
Meals are not included nor are they available for purchase at the IAC Campus. However, basic kitchen facilities are available in each room.  

Contact Information



Each room has several designated spaces in order to meet the needs of each guest: full bathroom: rest area with comfortable beds that will facilitate your holosomatic rest; study area where besides the basic furniture; a mini-kitchen furnished to allow you prepare your favorite refreshments: microwave oven, coffee maker, mini refrigerator, small sink, toaster, water boiler, cutlery, dinnerware, dish towel, etc. Rooms have temperature control and alarm systems. 

OPTION 2: Obras Inn 

Walking distance from the Campus

Obras Inn


The Herdade is a 200-year-old, carefully renovated farmhouse. It has a view over a magnificent and tranquil cork oak landscape. 
The Casa Principal (main house) has eight apartments, each with its own entrance and terrace, a living/bedroom (5-5 m) with two separate beds or one double bed, a bathroom (3.5-2 m) and a kitchenette (1.5-2 m) with cooking facilities for basic meals, refrigerator and microwave. Holiday travelers will have their apartment cleaned every other day.

Distance from Campus

5-minute walk

Rate (as of July 2013)

Single apartment: €42
Breakfast: €4.50

Contact Information

GPS Coordinates: N 38º 47.765´, W -7º 41.647´


Free Shuttle from Estremoz to the hotel, kitchenette available, possible ride for grocery shopping available, pool. *Make sure to reserve the shuttle in advance.

OPTION 3: Hotel Imperador

City: Estremoz

Hotel Imperador


Hotel Imperador is a 3-star property located at Fonte do Imperador - Estrada Nacional 4, 7100-052 Estremoz, Portugal

Distance from Campus

10.5 kms (6.5 mi) or approx 10 minutes

Rates (as of Nov. 2013)

Single €40 ,  Double €48, Twin €48     *These are approximate internet rates.

Contact Information

Web Site:
Phone: +351 268 339 950


Pool and restaurant available.

OPTION 4: "O Gadanha" Inn

City: Estremoz

O Gadanha Inn


Located in the historical center of Estremoz city this hotel has 12 rooms with bathroom, cable TV, telephone, and air conditioning, one of which is equipped for people with disabilities and has a safe deposit box in the reception.

Distance from Campus

20-minute drive

Rate (as of July 2013)

Double: €32.5,  Extra Bed €10,  Single €20  
* Single rooms are normally not available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Contact Information

Web Site: 
GPS Coordinates: N 38.84366º W 7.58843º


Located in the Estremoz downtown area with many restaurants and shop close by.

OPTION 5: Hotel Dom Fernando

City: Évora


Hotel Dom Fernando is a 3-star property recently refurbished located in Evora's historic center, in the Portuguese province of Alentejo. The historic part in Evora has been classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Distance from Campus

35 to 40-minute drive from Evora.

Rate (as of July 2013)

Single €40 ,  Double €48, Twin €48     *These are internet rates.

Contact Information

Web Site:


Pool and restaurant available.

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Benefits of Attendance

Realized by the International Academy of Consciousness (

Responsible for the event design, program, and technical organization: Department of Research and Scientific Communication – Nanci Trivellato –

Responsible for the scientific process: Scientific Award Committee – Ana Gaston –

Responsible for the event administration, infrastructure, and general organization: ICC Administration Committee – Angelica Guidini –

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Benefits of Attendance

The ceremony of the award giving of the 3rd IAC Global Award for Scientific Contribution to Conscientiology will take place during the ICC. The award project honors researchers who have published papers that have made significant theoretical or empirical advances in any subdiscipline of conscientiology, leading to the understanding or envisaging of important concepts.

An anonymous committee of referees from different countries, representing several conscientiological organizations and other research organizations, analyzes each submitted work to assess the relevance of their contribution.

The award is offered to encourage larger-scale investigative activities and projects that are aimed at making a significant impact on the body of knowledge, research methodology, and communication of conscientiological science and its corresponding subdisciplines.

This project underscores the importance that IAC ascribes to research initiatives in consciousness studies, be them formal research or self-research. The prize is seen as an integral part of promoting a constructive dialogue between conscientiologists and mainstream scientists in general.

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Benefits of Attendance

Vibrational State Manual, by Nanci Trivellato, in Portuguese
Anthology of Out-of-Body Experiences, in English

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Contatos em Portugal e no Brasil
To submit a paper, check on speaker's conditions, and subjects related to scientific-technical processes
For general consultations about the venue, lodging, and other organizational aspects

IAC Campus - Land line 00 xx 351 268 959 148
IAC Campus - Mobile 00 xx 351 918 797 924
IAC Campus - Fax 00 xx 351 268 950 053
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"Don't believe in anything.
Not even in what you hear or read at the IAC.
Have your own experiences."

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The IAC (International Academy of Consciousness) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the human essence (consciousness, soul, spirit, etc.) with special emphasis on the out-of-body experience, mastery of vital energies, and multidimensional manifestations. The information presented by the IAC is based on scientific principles and many years of research, investigation and experiences.     |
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