International Congress of Conscientiology

1st International Congress of Conscientiology

IAC - International Academy of Consciousness

Über die IAC

The International Academy of Consciousness is a non-profit organization dedicated to consciousness studies.

The IAC is committed to the investigation of the consciousness, its capacity to manifest outside of the physical body and a comprehensive associated range of parapsychic phenomena. Special emphasis is placed on the out-of-body experience and bioenergy, as these are considered key research tools to explore and examine the non-physical aspects of reality.

Demystifying these phenomena and clarifying the misconceptions often related to them empower individuals to understand and develop their own parapsychic abilities, allowing them to exercise greater control over their lives.

The courses delivered by the IAC’s offices around the world offer participants a combination of information and practical training that allows them to understand and experience life beyond the physical body. First-hand experience of the non-physical reality brings about a paradigm shift and a greater understanding of one’s purpose in this life.

The IAC employs a cosmoethical and universalistic approach in the dissemination of its studies. Participants are given the tools with which they can increase their awareness of their multidimensional nature. Central to the work is the principle embodied in the phrase:

Be Lucid.
Question Everything and Everyone.
Experimente. Ponder

The underlying intention behind all IAC research and educational activities is to provide assistance to those interested in deepening their knowledge of these subjects.